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Here's what you can expect...

So now you've chosen your service with us, and maybe already have your appointment booked but it's your first time and chances are you've got some questions?! Or maybe you're a regular but it's been a while and you need a refresher.

No worries! We've got your back.


If you're new to our clinic you'll need to show up 5-10 minutes earlier to fill out a Health History form. These are standard and include information about your health, past history of injuries, conditions, and medications. They also include our cancellation policy and ask for your consent for treatment along with a signature. These forms are part of our standards set out by our College (CMTO) and a Health History private and confidential.

Getting Ready

If you've filled out your Health History, your Therapist will then take you to your treatment room. Here, they will ask questions to confirm the information on your form and about your reason to be seeking treatment with us! We use these questions and information to understand your injuries/conditions and anything pertaining or contributing. We also ask questions related to your history and your lifestyle, to get a bigger picture and start creating a treatment plan tailored to you. Try to answer thoroughly as these answers help us customize your treatment and get to know you, so we can treat you as best as we can.

Consent. Now we've probably already asked you this and you've likely signed the consent in your Health History form but after that we move on to how to get onto the table and what to expect throughout your treatment!

Your massage therapist will allow you to ask any and all questions before and after you're on the table! Don't hesitate, we love answering questions and sharing knowledge.

Getting on the Table

Now that most of the talking is done, your Therapist will then leave the room to allow you to undress. You can receive an effective, therapeutic massage regardless of what clothing (if any) you choose to remove. Your comfort is priority for us!

Some people like to take off all their clothing, while others leave on their undergarments or other articles of clothing. It’s really up to you. If you choose to be fully clothed, please wear loose fitting clothing (like sweatpants and a t-shirt) so that your body will not be restricted during your treatment. Cover yourself with the linens provided and wait for your therapist to knock on the door. 

Your therapist will also let you know of any other instructions dependent on your treatment plan, positioning on the table, draping, and any extra modalities that may be used throughout the treatment.

Start Relaxing!

Your therapist will only uncover and drape the area they are working on. We are trained to use the sheets and blankets on the table to ensure you're always covered appropriately


As we begin treating, we may ask you about the amount of pressure and any pain you may experience. It's also important that throughout your massage treatment that you let us know about pain, the amount of pressure and any changes we can make to ensure you stay comfortable and relaxed. You should be aware that you, as the client are always in control- you may stop or change the treatment at any time. Your comfort and safety will always be a priority to us.

Tip! Not a talker? Don't hesitate to let us know that you would like a quiet treatment with no talking, all of our therapist are happy to oblige.

End of Treatment

Now you're feeling relaxed, right? Time to slowly get up, and get dressed again!

Sometimes people may experience some light dizziness while getting up off the table, that's normal. Swing your legs over the edge of the table and take a minute to settle if need be.

Come on out of the treatment room and meet your therapist at the front desk for payment and re-booking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat kids?

Yes of course we do! We are all trained and have experience treating children. There are plenty of benefits of massage for children and we treat all ages. Massage treatment times are usually less for children depending on how long they can tolerate or sit through, and because their tiny humans so less time is needed!

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are! We have an accessibility ramp, and door at the front of our building off the parking lot, and an accessible washroom. Everyone and every ability is welcome here! Some of our rooms also have hydraulic tables that we can lower and raise to help you get on them with ease.

I can't get onto a table, can I be treated sitting upright?

Yes, we can treat anyone sitting upright using a chair/pillows for comfort. We have a table that can convert. Please let us know ahead of time as this sometimes requires extra time to set-up.

I'm pregnant, can I still come in for a massage?

Yes! There are plenty of benefits of massage for prenatal persons and is completely safe. We welcome you at any stage of your journey, with your doctor's approval as every journey is different. We have plenty of pillows and prenatal bolsters to keep you comfortable. Treatments are either done side-lying or face down with our special bolster and draping is still done in a modest, professional way. Let us know ahead of time if you are expecting as set-up can take a few minutes longer to prepare.

Do you use the same sheets for each client?

No, we use freshly laundered sheets and face cradle covers/towels for each client. We have strict standards and policies we need to follow to ensure the highest of health, safety and sanitation. Everything is sanitized between each client, including door knobs, lotion bottles, light switches etc. If we can clean/sanitize it, we do.


If there's a question you may have that's not here, let us know!



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