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What are Modalities?

Modalities are different types or techniques Massage Therapists can learn and even become certified in preforming. Modalities are used to enhance your massage treatment based on your goals.


Cupping for example is a separate modality/course your therapist may take to use in conjunction with other things like Active Release, Cranial Sacral or even Reiki! The possibilities of using multiple modalities in one treatment are endless and can be customized for each of our clients and their needs! 

We are constantly learning and educating ourselves to improve our treatments for our clients so you can leave feeling your best!

Cupping Therapy


Originated in Chinese Medicine practices, most people recognize cupping from the Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps.

What is Cupping?

Cupping uses plastic or silicone "cups" placed on the clients body (location varies depending on client goals and treatment focus) and suction is applied via small suction device or using force to create the suction within silicone cups.


Cupping has the ability to affect tissues on a deeper level, decrease fascial restrictions, and increase range of motion!


Cupping has the potential to leave small, painless marks on the skin for 30 mins to 2 weeks depending on level of suction and the bodies response due to increase in blood circulation and the creation of blood vessels. 

What happens during a treatment?

Cupping is usually used in conjunction with other techniques, or your traditional Swedish Massage. Depending on what your therapist may find, whether it be fascial restrictions/scar tissue on a chronic injury, cups can be placed with or without lotion. Some may stay static or can be moved across the skin. Your therapist may place cups on these areas and continue on treating other areas as they sit on the skin for the time being. The goal of cupping is to decrease restrictions/areas of tension and increase blood circulation to the area of focus, to kick-start healing!


Effects of Cupping:

  • Increases nutrition (healing cellular fluids) that run between layers of fascia, as it re-hydrates there more range of motion and less pain

  • Helps decompress spinal joints

  • Stimulates digestion and relieves constipation

  • Softens scar tissues

  • Increases circulation

Another Modality to come!

We will continue to add modalities here after our therapists finish with their learning!

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