Our Therapists


All of our Therapists here at KMT are Registered Massage Therapists through the College of Massage Therapist's of Ontario.

Meet us!

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Cynthia Penn RMT 

Clinic Owner

Cynthia has been practising Massage Therapy since 2003 after graduating from the D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massge Therapy in London, Ontario.


She offers an individualized treatment using many different techniques depending on the needs of each client. She can provide both Relaxational and Deep Tissue massage and has taken many courses over the years including Craniosacral therapy, Eselen Deep Tissue massage and Reiki (to name a few).


She has a caring and positive way and believes Registered Massage Therapy can greatly improve both the physical and mental well being of her clients.

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Andrea Penny RMT

Andrea graduated from the D'Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario and has been practicing Registered Massage Therapy since 2004.


She mainly provides Swedish Massage techniques for therapeutic purposes as well as relaxational therapies. Some of Andrea's relaxational therapies include Lomi Lomi, an ancient Hawaiian massage for stretching the muscles and working out tension, as well as Thai Yoga Massage, which combines stretching and pressure point work to relax and loosen muscles.


Andrea is passionate about massage and is always upgrading her skills with new courses.

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Tara Thomas RMT

Tara is a Reiki master teacher, a certified yoga instructor and a Thai Yoga massage practitioner as well as a Registered Massage Therapist.


She graduated from the D'Arcy Lane Institute in London and her massage treatments include a combination of Deep Tissue work, Trigger Point therapy, Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial Release techniques to treat conditions such as injury, muscle spasm, and tension. Tara also provides Relaxational, Pre-natal, Lymphatic Drainage, TMJ, Sports massage, and is skilled to preform maneuvers for clients suffering from Vertigo.

Holistic healing has been Tara's passion since she was first introduced to it in 1998 and she is a life long student who believes self work is key to continual growth!


Jenn Cross RMT

Jennifer Cross is a graduate from London's D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy in 2003. With more than 17 years in the profession she believes in the body's ability to heal itself given the proper support.


She provides a combination of techniques which produce therapeutic relief as well as detoxification and deep relaxational benefits. Jen is passionate about providing first rate professional care for her clients and welcomes clients from all backgrounds and stages of life; from athletes to seniors, expectant mothers and children.


Jenn's clinical experience is demonstrated in her proficiency with many different conditions.


Megan O'Reilly RMT

Megan graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Fanshawe College in 2016 and is a former graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotions program in 2014.


Megan enjoys using her skills in Swedish massage, Fascial Release, Trigger Point therapy and PNF stretching. Megan also looks forward to taking courses that will further her knowledge in this field, which includes her most recent Cupping therapy course.


She loves being a Massage Therapist and is grateful to be able to help people enhance their everyday living and is ready to help clients, whether they need therapeutic support or would just like to relax.


Megan Haskell RMT

Megan is a recent graduate from Fanshawe College in 2018. Having once been on the massage table for her own aches and pains, she understand the relief that massage can bring.


Megan looks forward to providing clients with that comfort, whether that treatment is therapeutic or relaxation based. She incorporates a variety of techniques in her treatments, including Fascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, and Deep Tissue manipulation. 


Megan is eager to continue her education and hone her knowledge to further improve her skills as a Massage Therapist and enhance her ability to treat clients. Megan looks forward to meeting and treating you soon!

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Krystal Jones RMT

Krystal is a 2015 graduate of Lambton College and has over 4 years experience throughout the London/Strathroy communities. She is happy to offer a compassionate touch to soothe symptoms of a wide range of conditions.


She believes in both the mental and physical benefits of massage in order to achieve balance regardless of the condition. She is eager to meet and treat clients from expecting mothers, children and seniors. She uses many different styles of therapy that she can adapt successfully to treat her clients individual needs such as Relaxation, Active Release, Cupping, and Deep Tissue/Fascial work. 

Krystal is passionate about providing quality therapeutic care and loves learning new techniques and treatments to offer for a better, balanced you.

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Lisa Brooks, RMT

After spending 16 years in the banking industry, Lisa decided to realize her dream to become a registered massage therapist.  She graduated from D’Arcy Lane Institute in 2007. 


She has worked out of different locations including chiropractic and physiotherapist clinics, spas and has operated her own massage clinic.  Lisa utilizes various techniques including:  deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and Rieki. 


Lisa’s goal is to work with clients to help them reduce or eliminate their discomfort by providing therapeutic massage while also making it a relaxing experience.


Amanda Felker, RMT

Since graduating from The D’arcy Lane Institue of Massage Therapy in 2012, Amanda has been passionate about helping people heal through massage therapy.


She uses various techniques to address each individual's concerns. Whether it be therapeutic massage for chronic and acute injuries, or helping people relax to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.


Amanda looks forward to meeting you and discussing how massage therapy can help you reach your health care objectives.